CCD Overview

CCD (Content Creator Data) was a three-year project (2007 – 2010) funded by a grant from the Library of Congress NDIIPP program. Development partners include The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and other major labels. The purpose of the project was to create a field-set, data dictionary, and open-source schema for the documentation of technical and descriptive metadata related to the delivery of recorded music Masters and their derivatives. The resulting data structure is compliant with pre-existing work wherever possible (SMPTE and DDEX in particular). It includes all forms of recorded Masters (Multi-track, 2-track, 5.1, 7.1, Stems, TV, Instrumental, etc.), while focusing on core multi-track assets which are not currently effectively tracked by many content owners, nor fully addressed in any previously existing data structures. As of this date (2014) the CCD schema and all related intellectual property have been transferred to DDEX (www.ddex.net). BMS/Chace President John Spencer is the DDEX Studio Metadata Working Group chair. The goal of this project has always been to create open standards, freely available, that offer the ability to specifically define and track the recorded Masters along with the creators of those Masters. As we continue to integrate this important work within the DDEX framework, it will ultimately be available via a free Implementation License through DDEX, which will eliminate “forking” of the schema and tighter integration through the physical and e-commerce marketplace.